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    About Us


    Get Wearable Assets is an e-shop dedicated to those that enjoy having customized watch faces on their smartwatches.  Our e-shop enables customers to purchase and download customized components, such as watch hands, dials, backgrounds, fonts and dozens of other components.  All digital assets for purchase have been created by independent and skilled designers and developers and come in high-quality file formats.

    By purchasing a digital asset, customers will own the rights of the components to use for personal/non-commercial or commercial (i.e. creation and sale of watch faces on online platforms) purposes.  When a customer purchases and downloads an asset they will receive a license from the vendor which they can retain as proof that they obtained the IP (Intellectual Property) in a lawful manner.


    Benefits of Get Wearable Assets


    For Customers


    • Personalization: Create your own customized watch face designs using highly detailed components from skilled designers and developers.
    • Save time: No need to spend hours or days creating the perfect watch face component yourself – simply find the assets you like best!
    • Selection: You can easily mix and match various components, from multiple vendors, to create a truly unique and customized watch face.
    • Generate Income: Use the watch face components you download to create, upload and sell watch faces on other platforms! Each digital asset will come with it’s own license which will enable you to safely sell your creations to a global audience.

    For Vendors


    • Generate Income: Design and sell your assets to customers that want to create a truly unique and customized watch face. Withdrawal your earnings to your Paypal or Bank account directly!
    • FREE & Full Control: Registering a vendor account is free! A detailed vendor dashboard provides you with full control over your digital assets including: setting your own prices (including limited time sales, promotional codes); your total sales, earnings and orders are shown in a simple and easy to use interface along with charts to see your progress.  Additional sections include dedicated areas to manage your sales and downloads as well as account information.
    • Unlimited Assets for Sale: Vendors can upload as little or as many assets as they wish! You always have full control over the assets you sell and can add or remove them from the store at any time.
    • Promotional Tools: Promote and advertise your vendor store and assets through our website banners, emailed newsletters and store communications and watch face reviewers/social media influencers.
    • Templates: We provide templates to get you setup and selling quickly, including a license for the digital assets you are selling.