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    Customer FAQs

    A list of frequent questions we receive from customers.

    No, purchases and downloads can be made simply as a guest user. However, creating an account will provide you with account details such as your purchasing history as well as other benefits, including: bidding on auctions, emailed newsletters and communications; notifications of sales and promotions, new vendors and content added to the store.

    We support PayPal, however in case you do not have an account you can always use one of the major credit or debit cards to submit your payment.

    The assets you purchase come with a license, in your name from the creator (vendor) and can be used for personal/non-commercial as well as commercial purposes and enables you to use the content in websites, software, applications, mobile, printouts (magazines, newspapers etc), promotional items and more without attribution to the creator or Get Wearable Assets.

    Yes!  After your purchase, a license will be emailed to you for that specific digital asset.  We recommend you retain a copy of this license as it is your proof of ownership. 

    You certainly can edit the content, however you cannot redistribute, sub-license, offer for download or sell any modified version. Please ensure you read the license you receive for more details about what the digital asset can and cannot be used for. 

    While each vendor can upload any file type into the platform, we do recommend to all vendors to upload file types that allow maximum editability such as Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or Adobe Photoshop (.psd).

    Vendor FAQs

    A list of frequent questions we receive from Vendors.

    Get Wearable Assets provides access to a broad group of customers that utilize several platforms. Because of this diversity, .gwd and .tpk files are not supported as assets, however you can auction “ready to build” watch faces. If you are a registered vendor you can read more about auctions.

    By submitting an asset to the platform, you are transferring the non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable right to the buyer to use or alter the licensed material for unlimited time, world wide usage and for non-commercial or commercial purposes. Therefore, the Intellectual Property rights for digital assets you sell are transferred to the buyer.

    Get Wearable Asset applies a 15% commission on all assets sold.  This commission is used to maintain the site and to cover hosting, administrative and financial transaction fees.

    It is entirely up to you! As a vendor, you can request a withdrawal of your earnings at any time, provided that your earnings are more than $50.00. There is no limit on the number of withdrawal requests as long as they meet this minimum $50.00 threshold.

    We can transfer your requested earnings directly to your PayPal or your Bank Account.

    We have built-in engaging promotion methods utilizing rotating banners and “Featured Content” areas in the most visited locations of our platform. In addition to these promotional tools, you can also have your vendor banner placed in newsletters or email communication sent by Get Wearable Assets to it’s customers during a transaction. Lastly, you can utilize a video review from the popular YouTube social media influencer Jibber Jab Reviews to further increase exposure of your digital assets.  All promotional services are optional and can be requested and purchased, for a nominal fee, from the Vendor Promotions menu option.