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    Vendor Guide

    All you need to know about being a vendor!

    Table of Contents

    Important Information

    The “Get Wearable Assets” platform is a platform in which you can upload and sell assets (designs) specifically related to watch face designs. During your registration as a vendor, you in fact create a dedicated store within the platform in which you are able to submit “Products” or “Services” where

    • “Products” are digital downloads of designs that customers can purchase and utilize in their watch face designs
    • “Services” are virtual sessions in which vendors can provide services to the customer. A few examples of services can be: a training in watch face designs, a design creation etc.

    Note: Get Wearable Assets applies 15% commission on sales of both Products and Services. Vendor can request a transfer of the earnings collected via a withdraw request (please see below).


    After a customer purchase any of your submitted assets and the payment has been confirmed, a License is automatically generated and sent to the customer that they can use as proof of asset ownership. The license is an unlimited no attribution licence and the customer can use the materials on:

    – Website.

    – Software, Applications, mobile.

    – Printed and digital media (magazines, newspapers, books, cards, labels, CD, DVD, films, television, video, e-mail).

    – Advertisement and promotional items.

    – Presentation of products and public events.

    – Multimedia.

    – Decorative (either private or public).

    The Customer:

    – Has the non-exlusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable right to use the licensed material an unlimited number of times in any and all media for the commercial or personal purposes listed above.

    – May alter and create decorative works.

    – Can use the licensed material during the rights period, world wide.

    However they CANNOT:

    – Sublicense, sell or rent any contents (or modified versions of them)

    – Distribute licensed contents unless it has expressly authorised from the Vendor

    – Offering licensed material content designs (or modified vendor contents versions) for download

    Vendor Dashboard

    After your registration, you will be presented in the vendor dashboard, from which you can check your sales, earnings, pageviews with easy to read graphical charts. Additionally to this, you can:


    • Submit new products or edit the existing ones.

    • Check the orders placed on your store and change statuses (for example, if a service is provided you can mark the order as “completed”.

    • Raise a withdraw request.

    • Change settings such as store profile and payment method (preferred payment method to receive earnings after a withdraw request)

    • Edit account information (please see below)

    Edit Account details

    In the account details section, you can set or change your first and last name along with your email address.


    Additionally, you can use this section to change your password. You will need your current password for validation reasons. In case you have forgotten your password, please use the “Forgot my Password” link in the login form.


    In the “Products” area you can add new products or edit/remove existing ones. This area gives you the possibility to search or filter the products using the upper section. In case of multiple product deletion, you can select multiple products and use the bulk actions to permanently delete all products at once.

    Add new Product (step 1)

    Submitting a new product is an easy 2 step process. During the first step information that are required is:


    • The product title.

    • Product cover image (or featured image).

    • Short description.

    After filling the information you can click “Create product” which will allow you to enter more details about the specific product or the “Create & add new” which will submit this product on your store and reset the form so you can enter a new one. However, we strongly recommend to submit the product as filling the additional information is required for customers to download the assets.

    Add new Product (step 2)

    When you click the “Create Product” button on the first step, the product is added to the store, however more information are required. In the following screen, you can set the permalink for your product if you wish. Please pay attention to the checkboxes below, as this will define what type of product you are submitting.

    • Downloadable: is used for digital assets. Selecting this will let you upload the file that the customers will be purchasing

    • Virtual: is used for “Services”. In this case, no file is required.


    In case you select “Downloadable” you can upload your digital asset from the following field in the form:

    You have options to limit the number of downloads or to set expiry day on your link however this is something that we don’t recommend. Customers who purchase assets, might need to download them in the future as well, therefore, please keep the links active.


    Get Wearable Assets provides also a platform to the vendors to request and run auctions for fully designed and “ready to build” watch faces.

    If you are a registered vendor Auctions can be requested via the navigation menu -> My Account -> Auction Request.


    Auction products are different than the normal assets, as they are not just components of a watch face, but rather a full watch face design, ready to be built in the platform it’s intended for. For example, if the watch face was put together with Galaxy Watch Studio, the file that should be sold via the auction should be the .gwd (not the .tpk).


    The buyer should be able to build the watch face with their distributor certificate.


    How to request an auction:

    To raise a request for an auction, navigate to the main menu-> My Account -> Auction Request. Fill in the form in the page that include the following information:

    • Upload Files – Use this file uploader to upload the content that will be downloaded by the winner of the auction. This field is similar with the product upload on the normal assets, however, this field accepts only zip files. Therefore, make sure to zip the contents before uploading.

    • Vendor Name: This is the vendor name as it appears on Get Wearable Assets. The field pre-populates with your account name. Most probably no change is required in this field.

    Auction Pricing:

    This is one of the most important areas of the auctions, as here you will set the desired auction prices.

    • Opening Price – is the initial price of the item. Auction starts with this price.

    • Buy Now Price – During the auction, and before the minimum accepted price is reached, a buyer can press the “Buy Now” button. This price defines the price of the item if a buyer wants to buy the content now.

    • Minimum Accepted Price – This is the minimum price you are willing to sell your content for. This price should be higher than the initial (opening price).

    • Auction End Date – The end date of the auction, after this date the auction will end and the highest bidder will be assigned as winner.
    • Upload Content Images – upload images of your watch face. Make sure to upload ready promotional images clearly displaying the functionality and features of the watch face. You can upload up to 20MB, maximum 5 images.

    • Product Description – your product description.


    After your request is reviewed and approved, a new product will be added to your Dashboard and the auction will start.

    Asset Rules

    In order to maintain the customer experience at a high level, we have implemented an approval process for every asset submitted to the platform before the asset is visible to customers. Please review the following criteria:


    • All the assets submitted to Get Wearable Assets must be created by the person who submits the asset. Otherwise, a written confirmation from the owner that it is allowed to re-distribute and resale is required.

    • Cover image: We have created a template for the cover image section that includes space for you logo (also used to create more visibility to your brand) which you can download from the “Vendor Supportive Materials” section. Please navigate to “Documentation  -> Download Asset Templates”

    • Description: Please be as descriptive as possible. Consider including information about the file type, file resolution etc. In case your file does not offer editability, it must be stated in the description.

    • The assets: must allow maximum editability. Photoshop or Illustrator files with multiple layers and layer styles is the recommended asset file types.

    Note: The Review team might contact you and request changes during this process.

    Orders placed on your store

    In the order section, you can find the orders placed to your store. Similarly to the products section, you can filter by date or customer and change the status of your order on demand. Please be informed each order has the following statuses:

    • On Hold. This status indicates, that the order is placed, however it has been put on hold for risk evaluation of the payment

    • In Progress. This status indicates that the order is placed and the payment validation has succeeded. The order will remain in “In Progress” status until the vendor will manually mark it as completed. As the order is in “In Progress” status and since the payment has been verified, the customer gets the license of your design.

    • The completed status closed the order in the system and is the last step of the process. This status is manually assigned by the vendor.


    To change the status of the orders to completed, either use the “Action” field or select the orders and apply “Change Status to Completed” as in the following screenshot:

    Withdraw your earnings

    From this section, you can request to “Withdraw” your earnings. The minimum amount you can withdraw has been set to $ 50. Please note that a withdraw method needs to be selected in the Dashboard settings: Dashboard -> Settings -> Payment. You can select to withdraw via PayPal or via a bank transfer.

    As soon as your settings are in please select the amount you wish to withdraw and the method and your request will be received.

    Please allow up to 3 working days to review your request. The administrators might contact you for additional details if required. As soon as any clarification is resolved, a payment should be submitted to your preferred method.